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Contact Making Sense to enrol your children in one of the best chemistry tuition classes in Singapore. They are recommended chemistry tuition centre for JC/A level & O level in Singapore. Visit the website to inquire now!

If you are looking for science tuition for your children in Singapore? Then Making Sense can be proven to be the best option for you. Visit their website to get free learning resources or contact them to know more about their classes.

Making Sense special holiday programmes are launched to clarify the misconceptions and strengthen the understanding of the student. To get complete information about their special holiday programmes visit the website now.

In Singapore, Making Sense provides various tuition classes for different types of courses such as Sec1, Sec2, Sec3, Sec4, JC1 & JC 2 at different time schedules. Visit their website to get complete details about the classes schedule.

Making Sense offers structured classes and personalised learning for secondary 1 to 4 and A Level (JC 1-2) for the batch of 2022. Visit the website now to know more about their classes and fee structure.

For a limited time Making Sense is offering a complimentary free trial to experience the renowned delivery of their tutors and receive a copy of the current materials used in class. Visit the website to get more details about the class schedule.

Making Sense has been refining their teaching pedagogy and materials for the past 10 years to develop a robust programme that maximizes learning. Lessons are enlivened with stories and anecdotes from everyday life to make the subject come alive for students. Visit the website to find out what their students say about their experience.

At Making Sense they expose their students to 3 fields of science–Chemistry, Physics and Biology and they teach more in-depth concepts so that students have a greater understanding about the subjects. For more details visit the website.

IP Chemistry students are required to master additional chapters such as atomic structure and advanced chemical bonding. Making Sense’s structured IP Chemistry tuition program will ensure that students acquire the necessary exposure to do well in their school examinations. For more details visit the website.

O Level Chemistry requires students to have a strong understanding of scientific knowledge, good time management, critical analytic skills and precise answering techniques. Making Sense uses application-based teaching to strengthen O Level Chemistry concepts. For more details visit the website.

A-Level H2 Chemistry is known for its large enhancement in complexity as compared to the O-Level Chemistry. The study material of Making Sense is carefully crafted to match the demands of H2 Chemistry. For more details visit the website.

Making Sense has produced exceptional results. Approximately 90% of our students achieve A or B grade for their A’ Level and 92% achieved at least a B3 for their O’ Level. They have a stellar track record of over 7000 students. Every year, more than 800 students flock to Making Sense to be tutored in chemistry.

Making Sense has a team of experienced chemistry tutors who have mentored thousands of students. The team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering great value to their students.

Mr. William Lin is the founder of Making Sense, while pursuing his graduate studies, he gave private tuition and it was then that he discovered his real passion for teaching. To date, Making Sense has grown to an award-winning tuition centre in Singapore with a full-fledged team of dedicated teachers that specialise in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) tuition for Secondary and JC students.

Making Sense is the award-winning Science and Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. They have come a long way from our humble beginning with only 32 students in 2011. Today they have a vast team of experienced tutors who are coaching over 800 students per year.