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Release Go projects as fast and easily as possible!

With GoReleaser, you can:

  • Cross-compile your Go project
  • Release to GitHub, GitLab and Gitea
  • Create nightly builds
  • Create Docker images and manifests
  • Create Linux packages and Homebrew taps
  • Sign artifacts, checksums and Docker images
  • Announce new releases on Twitter, Slack, Discord and others
  • ... and much more!

A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language pre-commit hooks.

A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter with bash support; includes shfmt

This is a BASH script to perform fast image downloads sourced from Google Images based on a specified search-phrase. It's a web-page scraper that can source a list of original image URLs and sent them to Wget (or cURL) to download in parallel. Optionally, it can then combine them using ImageMagick's montage into a single gallery image.

Mage is a make-like build tool using Go. You write plain-old go functions, and Mage automatically uses them as Makefile-like runnable targets.

A Go library for creating Bash environments, exporting Go functions in them as Bash functions, and running commands in that Bash environment. Combined with a tool like go-bindata, you can write programs that are part written in Go and part are written in Bash that can be distributed as standalone binaries.

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