Z-Shell ZI

Interactive feature-rich plugin manager with its own extensiona ecosystem.

Subscribe to your projects of interest on Github and receive within the shell (under prompt) notifications about new issues and pull requests.

The package is the puller-thread service for the z-shell/zsh-github-issues plugin. It runs the background service that downloads the new issues from GitHub.

A plugin that provides zsnapshot command which dumps the current ZSH state into a file, for restoration by sourcing the file

A shell command that will display a selection list. It is similar to selecta, but uses curses library to do display, and when compared to fzf, the main difference is approximate matching instead of fuzzy matching.

Terminal screen saver for Zshell. Implements morphogenesis and Mandelbrot images. Written in pure Zshell (possible thanks to floating-point numbers and to zsh/mathfunc module). Supports running external commands, for example cmatrix.

This Zsh service plugin will serve the given directory (plugin's directory by default) using Python's 3 HTTP server.

A plugin for Zsh that automatically adds a few advanced bindings and also provides a Zsh-rewritten function and/or script tig-pick (i.e.: the code is agnostic and can be run either as a script or as a function; it defaults to function), originally shipped with tig as sh-script in the contrib/ subdirectory.

A utility library for Z shell that provides a few general-purpose functions. It's a counterpart to the zsh-string-lib library.

A Zsh plugin that utilizes <variable sharing> done by z-shell/zredis plugin to implement <remote command execution>

This Zsh service plugin will run the Redis server pointing it to configuration file redis.conf. This can be used with plugin z-shell/zredis to have the redis-backend running, to use shared variables (between shells).

A Z-Shell ZI Annex (i.e.: an extension) that allows setting default ices for the next ZI commands.

A ZI annex (i.e. an extension), which caches arbitrarily slow command output to speed up shell startup.

With zbrowse you just need to press Ctrl-B to check if "$variable" is invoked multiple times.

Crasis – semigraphical interface to ZI and exposes its parser via (z) substitution flag. Parsing .zshrc is totally possible. This way Crasis lets you edit your ZI commands located in .zshrc. All in pure Zshell code.

Helpers that we use in custom scripts, available as both functions (fast) and binaries (slow) when needed

Declare-zsh is a parser for ZI commands in .zshrc. It allows performing the following actions on .zshrc from the command line.

ZCA allows to copy segments of commands in history, rearrange segments of the current command, delete segments of the current command.

Organized shortcuts for various command-line editing operations, plus new operations (e.g. incremental history word completion)

Set of tools like – n-history, – multi-word history searcher, n-cd, – directory bookmark manager, n-kill, – htop, and more. Based on – n-list.