Collecting tips and tricks from podcasts and blog posts
  • 1on1
  • Some backup topics if you have nothing else to chat about:
  • Report's growth
  • Manager's current disaster
  • Write a manager readme 
  • You ideally have 7 +/- 3 number of reports, (4 min, 10 max)
  • If you get the "twinge" (aka your spidey sense goes off), you can ask to clarify on the subject or "hmm..." to poke at it
  • You have the option of using longer, borderline uncomfortable pauses to grab conversation and change it as you need
  • If there’s 2-3 things you believe matters to being an effective manager, then go out and pursue diligently them 100 times, 1000 times.
  • Having 1on1s
  • Being on time. If people are late, kindly make the point at the beginning of the meeting that it's important to you and the team.

  • Note to self (not actual podcast content): In manager readme add list of topics you would love to talk about in one on one like what are you bored with.