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"Xyo re-imagines how people discover apps and games" "Today’s smartphone owners are not fully aware of what types of apps and games exist. Xyo’s unique user experience offers them more choice than elsewhere by allowing them to browse through hundreds of app and game interests shared by millions of fellow users that were previously hidden in the long-tail. With just one click our “Apps for Me” feature taps into your Facebook profile to provide you with a list of app recommendations based on your real life interests. It’s the equivalent of a waiter magically guessing your favorite foods and drinks. We do “Apps for Me” not only for you, but also for your entire Facebook network. The outcome is search results that include the app interests of your friends. On the Xyo platform, you can view the app interests of your closest friends and send them personalized app recommendations based on those interests." "As our internet usage shifts towards mobile, app stores are becoming the focal point of content discovery. Yet, today most users only find apps from the top shelf – in app stores 10% of apps get 90% of downloads. App stores in their current state do not enable users to find the apps they want and are not aware of users’ situational and social context. Their future has to be re-invented in order for us to take full advantage of our phones, tablets, TVs and other appliances. Since August 2012...Xyo is around. Xyo backed by investors including...Flaregames CEO Klaas Kersting" #search_engines #ideas #copycopy #startups #web_2.0 #metro_designs #sleek_designs #apps #mobile_apps #stats #pub