sigma [male] grindset "Allegedly, a mindset geared exclusively to economic success, possessed by the creme of human beings, the "Sigmas". In reality, mostly a buzzword for sociopathic losers who spend their time on social media signalling how "successful" they are. Usually comes as "male sigma grindset", because fEmOiDs CaNnOt Be SuPeRiOr BrOoOoOoO1!1!1!" AND “The sigma male grindset refers to the the superior mindset possessed by the male at the top of the social hierarchy, also known as the sigma. This grindset is often mentioned when the sigma does something that may be considered based and redpilled. Society (runned by betas) views the Sigma as a threat. He is thus often a victim of societal ostracism for his intrinsically based nature. He is the victim of a systematic societal hate crime.” #funny #memes #toxic #pub