Wails wails.app
"Build desktop apps using Go & Web Technologies" "The traditional method of providing web interfaces to Go programs is via a built-in web server. Wails offers a different approach: it provides the ability to wrap both Go code and a web frontend into a single binary. The Wails cli makes this easy for you, by handling project creation, compilation and bundling. All you have to do is get creative!" "Use standard Go for the backend Use any frontend technology to build your UI Expose Go methods/functions to the frontend via a single bind command Uses native rendering engines - no embedded browser Shared events system Native file dialogs Powerful cli tool Multiplatform" "Your Backend is Go Write standard Go code, like you always have. If you have an existing Go application, it's easy to put an HTML frontend on it. Your Frontend is Anything Use any frontend technologies you like and call your Go code using Javascript. Your App is Awesome The Wails tooling generates your projects, builds both your frontend & backend and creates a single binary. Mac, Linux & Windows supported!" #electron_alternatives #Zoomers #maybe #interesting #open_source #toread #pub