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"Changes the current Ruby. Features Updates $PATH. Also adds RubyGems bin/ directories to $PATH. Correctly sets $GEM_HOME and $GEM_PATH. Users: gems are installed into ~/.gem/$ruby/$version. Root: gems are installed directly into /path/to/$ruby/$gemdir. Additionally sets $RUBY_ROOT, $RUBY_ENGINE, $RUBY_VERSION and $GEM_ROOT. Optionally sets $RUBYOPT if second argument is given. Calls hash -r to clear the command-lookup hash-table. Fuzzy matching of Rubies by name. Defaults to the system Ruby. Optionally supports auto-switching and the .ruby-version file. Supports bash and zsh. Small (~90 LOC). Has tests. Anti-Features Does not hook cd. Does not install executable shims. Does not require Rubies be installed into your home directory. Does not automatically switch Rubies by default. Does not require write-access to the Ruby directory in order to install gems." #alternatives #version_managers #shell #open_source #ruby #dev #pub