Liked on YouTube. | Title: Debate 109 | Full Episode | S01E09 | Community. | Description: Season 1 Episode 9 'Debate 109' - The dean solicits Jeff to join Annie in a debate competition, where they will compete against star debater Jeremy Simmons to debate whether Man is intrinsically evil or good. Abed's latest student films show a prescient tendency that frightens Shirley. Pierce offers his services as a hypnotherapist to Britta in her attempts to stop smoking. Watch full episodes of Community on YouTube:, Google Play: iTunes Full episodes on Netflix: Full episodes in the US on Hulu: Watch on Amazon Prime: Subscribe to the Community channel: Follow Us on Social: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: A lawyer, whose law degree has been revoked, is compelled to join the Greendale Community College. Students of diverse temperaments join his study group which leads to quirky and memorable encounters. #Community #Sitcom #SPTV Debate 109 | Full Episode | S01E09 | Community | Published at: August 11, 2022 at 11:30AM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed