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"3 years ago, I would have probably chosen to make the app open source and give it away for free, just like I did with Lunar. I would have thought: I’m making a ton of money at this company, what I would get by selling a small app would be peanuts anyway. Only recently I realised that this approach kept me dependent on having a job where I click-clack useless programs 8 hours a day, only to get 1-2 hours after work for my projects, and sacrifice my health and sanity in the process. In my whole 7-year career as a professional API Glue Technician and experienced Wheel Reinventer, I never did anything remotely as useful as even the simplest app I can code and publish in 2 months right now. At those companies, most of my work was scraped anyway when the redesign period of the year came. So I’d rather have those peanuts please." #indie_makers #best_of #grit #grinding #pub