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_So in 2013, revenue of $316 million, profits of $129 million, and $130 million paid to a separate company created by Notch, licensing the IP_ "Mojang more than doubled its profits in 2013, earning around $130 million in total. According to data given to The Wall Street Journal, the Minecraft developer increased its profits from SEK325 million to SEK816 million ($129 million) in 2013. Revenues were also on the rise, up 38 per cent from 2012 to hit SEK2.07 billion ($316 million). Overall, 38 per cent of the company's total revenue came from sales of the PC version of Minecraft. Console sales accounted for 30 per cent, and around 25 per cent came from the game's mobile version. The fact that Mojang's earnings are still rising on the basis of a five-year-old game is testament to its lasting appeal." #ballers #games #money #revenue #statistics #tech #pub