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iPAStore - NO jailbreak needed. Per device, $17/year. Within a month you can change the device UDID (which is how they link your stuff), after that, need to re-pay

It just has apps and some Cydia apps. So it isn't really special in terms of if you are jailbroken, what's the point? Maybe it is friendlier in terms of being one central repo, but not worth paying unless there's no way you can jailbreak and they have access. Like if this is available for iOS 9 and there's no jailbreak nearby for it, then it might be worth it. However, paying $32 for 2 devices. What if I upgrade one? Then another $16...besides a few helpful Cydia stuff (namely f.lux at this point, maybe scrobbling, and external mouse/keyboard stuff if they ever get better/updated for new OSes), you just get Ked apps. And the ones I want could all be bought for like $50. And even my reaching ones would just be another $50. Then I just have to buy the new version every other year roughly. --- price increased to $30/year so not worth it for sure, most likely. #yearly #subscriptions #iOS #price:$17 #Ked #paid #jailbreak #K #price:$30 #sideloading #pub