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-- price: $7/mo -- Hacker More power + privacy for personal projects. Unlimited private Repls Keep projects private until you’re ready to ship. AI-powered helpers Code generation, automatic code explainers, and other cutting-edge features. 5 Boosted Repls Even more speed and memory — Boosted repls come with 4 vCPUs and 4 GB of RAM. Learn more about boosts here. 5 Always On Repls Host anything and keep it running. 10x account storage 5 GB+ Much more storage for your whole account. Make more, bigger, projects. 2x Repl storage 1 GB per Repl Build anything from games to machine learning apps with double the storage. 4x Memory 2 GB per Repl Don't worry about the fans running. 4x Speed 2 vCPUs As much speed as your programs need. And if you need more, you can use Boosts! More Powerful Machines Your Repls run on newer, more powerful machines. -- Free -- Unlimited Repls Make as many Repls (projects) as you need. Free storage 500 MB 500 MB of free storage for your projects. 500 MB memory Your projects will run on machines with 500 MB of RAM. 0.2 - 0.5 vCPUs Virtual CPUs to run your projects. Live multiplayer collaboration Collaborate live on your projects with others. Invite them to a Repl to write code together, leave comments, and chat, without leaving the editor. Learn more about multiplayer here. #in_browser_IDEs #code_editors #IDEs #best_of #freemium #collaboration #dev