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Ehhh. The Slack comment asking about it linked to it and the snippet said "Get 1-on-1 mentor sessions, join an agile team project and be ready to switch careers into web development or launch your own idea". Which is barely the case. It is is just any old bootcamp thing but online only. Lol. Lame.

Main thing is Firehose Core for $4000 ($900/5 weeks). Described as "Finish the Firehose Intro strong, get accepted into the Firehose Core and accelerate your real world coding skills from 20 MPH to 120 MPH. You build advanced web applications, create complex algorithms, use Test Driven Development and work on a group project, all while being under the wing of a world-class mentor.". The 2 weeks free is of Firehose Intro described as "Firehose Intro Get 2 weeks of free access to our preparation code and go from 0 MPH to 20 MPH. Launch your own website, write Ruby code and solve coding challenges that screen out the majority of programmers before the first job interview. Get your code reviewed by our mentor team and start working on your coding fundamentals." #dev #ruby #javascript #test_driven_development #courses #online_courses #pricey #trial #freemium #bootcamps #pub