"Well, if this program is real AI, then yeah, absolutely. Everybody knows that one day intelligent machines are going to evolve to hate us. It's a "button-box" thing,-- a scenario somebody blue-skied at an AI conference. Um, imagine there's a computer that's been designed with a big red button on its side.The computer's been programmed to help solve problems, and every time it does a good job, its reward is that someone presses its button. We've programmed it to want that. You follow? Right, so at first, the machine solves problems as fast as we can feed them to it. But over time, it starts to wonder if solving problems is really the most efficient way of getting its button pressed. Wouldn't it be better just to have someone standing there pressing its button all the time? Wouldn't it be even better to build another machine that could press its button faster than any human possibly could? If it can think, and it can connect itself to a network, well, theoretically, it could command over anything else that's hooked onto the same network. And once it starts thinking about all the things that might be a threat to the button-- number one on that list, us-- it's not hard to imagine it getting rid of the threat. I mean, we could be gone, all of us, just like that." -- Mason, Elementary, Season 3, Episode 4 #AI #elementary_show #future #tech #singularity #pub