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LOL a bunch of people come replying positively about a guy talking about an obviously ridiculous thing of a drug blown in your face removing your free will and making you beckon at people's commands. You look this up and it's mostly just a memory loss date rape sort of drug. And you don't blow it in the face either. Regardless, those are the things that multiple drugs can do in some fashion. Making you a "slave" and the way it's described make it sound so powerful. When it isn't. 4 replies to the doubter. All 4 in defense of OP. The OP themselves respond with a link to the daily mail. And this is /r/documentaries #amateurs_now_professionals_intellectual_fail_pattern #pattern_talking_out_of_your_ass #pattern_we_know_what_we_r_talking_about_we_arent_into_BS_lulz #patterns_cult_of_the_amateur #dumb #$2019_angry_motivation #pub
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