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"In this insightful, witty, and easily digestible book, Northwestern University psychologist Alexander Chernev describes perceptual illusions and decision fallacies that make us gain rather than lose weight. Bringing to life the latest research in psychology, decision sciences, and behavioral economics, The Dieter's Paradox cleverly reveals the irrational ways we think about eating and dieting and identifies seven decision traps we frequently fall into in our zeal to be fit. Thought-provoking and surprisingly entertaining, this book will change the way you think about food and dieting." "The book shows clearly many reasons why it's exactly the people who decide to diet that gain more weight on average. The problem is that most people are "intuitive eaters", deciding to stop eating when they are reasonably full. This only leads to a moderate weight gain (~1 lb/yr), whereas when they start to diet they start relying on other, usually less precise methods. Instead of the average pound per year, their weight starts to fluctuate and they gain much more an average. The book covers many of the psychological ways in which we are fooled when trying to estimate the caloric content of a meal. Most of us are terrible at it and often we are ignorant of this handicap. We are often unconsciously guided by emotions and heuristics that point us in the wrong direction." #nutrition #psychology #research #books #@proof #proof #pub
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