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"When it came time for me to take over Pinboard, I vowed to continue my grandfather's committment to Eastern European craftsmanship and traditional Polish customer service. But then I got bored and thought, "eh, just put it online and see what happens." That was six years ago today. Here is the traditional set of statistics: 201020112012201320142015 bookmarks3.527537697122 tags (M)1176135178212251 active users (K)2.81623232425 bytes archived (T) unique URLs (M)2.51632486382
 As you can see, growth in data stored has been fairly linear and the number of active users has crept up to the 25K mark. I changed the business model of the site in January from a one-time signup fee to a recurring fee, but has this affected income? It doesn't feel like it. Possibly it has. I really need to look into it. I am a terrible businessman. Thanks for another year entrusting me with your precious data, and giving me the genuinely pleasant feeling that comes from running a useful project. Please don't forget to make backups! —maciej on July 09, 2015" #satire #boss #interesting #geeky #milestones #data #pinboard #solopreneurs #funny #statistics #social_bookmarking #@to_archive #toread #pub