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"RailsCasts Status You have probably noticed there has been a lack of new episodes lately. I have found it increasingly difficult to produce content, and I'm not entirely sure why. The best way I can describe it is that I feel paralized under the pressures of work. I have decided to take a Summer break to help me come up with a solution. I will return on September 2 with new content. All Pro subscriptions have been automatically extended by two months (no need to press a button this time). New subscribers during this time will be charged the initial $9 and then have their subscription extended through September. Thank you for your patience during this time! :) --Ryan" #discounts #deals #subscriptions #monthly #paid #pub
Damn, these prices are pretty decent. $300 a month gets you 24/7 access, conference rooms. That's their full time and equivalent to Tigerlabs' $200/month associate member. And their full time member equivalent that's$325 at Tigerlabs, is $100 added on to their full time plan. So $400 a month for dedicated desk, lockers, signage of packages (which would come with the associate member plan at Tigerlabs). But only being $75 more and being in downtown Philly - def a good deal. And since I'm barely at home, could easily crash at someone's Philly place and only be there 2 hours a day avg - rest of the time, here or another coworking spot. Someone mentioned Independence Hall in Philly for coworking #coworking #philadelphia #local #tigerlabs #discounts #deals #pricing #pub