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"Pottermore is based in London and has about 45 employees. The site saw an average of 5.6 million visitors per month over the six months ending in June, according to data firm SimilarWeb. Traffic spiked on June 28, the day Ms. Rowling released a story about America’s wizarding school, setting the stage for the movie “Fantastic Beasts.” Some 9.2 million visitors came to the site over the 28 days ending July 11, according to SimilarWeb." #inspirational_money #traffic #sites #empires #pub
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INSANE AMOUNT $55K to $245K per year. Aka $4.6K to $20.5K per month!!! -- CB Insights brings you deep data on private companies, VC firms, corporate development arms, and more. This page has our complete pricing details. #inspirational_money #SaaS #pub
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