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innovative::bytes start
"innovative::bytes start is an unique launcher for macOS that allows you to open applications, documents, folders or URLs quickly and easily. Create tidiness in your Dock and launch items with the smart launcher app start instead. start supports you and your workflow with a well planned organizational system for your items and a quick access to what you need. It's incredibly easy to use: start automatically collects all applications available with Spotlight. Further you also can add files, folders and URLs manually according to your wishes. Open your items with a simple mouse click or even faster and more convenient: with a hotkey! Also use tags, colors and notes to keep track of your items. Enjoy the easy handling and the comfortable features of start!” #mac_apps #power_users #keyboard_centric #best_of #paid #utilities #trial #app_switchers #mission_control #launchpad #%i_legit_use_this #%setapp
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