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"Treehouse is offering Rewardli groups 1 Month Free of their Gold Membership (normally $49). The Treehouse Gold Membership comes with everything you need to become an expert at Web Development, Web Design and iOS Development: 750 high quality tutorial videos Code challlenges Over 100 talks from Future of Web Design and Future of Web Apps Conferences ($545 value) Treehouse's tutorial videos cover several different programming languages including Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Enjoy!" #offers #coupons #free #tutorials #screencasts #development #learning #pub
"For those of you who love to travel and don’t need your egos massaged with vanity loyalty perks, free nights is the best hotel loyalty perk. In my opinion. Therefore I think Marriott (and IHG when worked) is the best hotel loyalty program. With $100 in paid stays you can earn $200 in free nights. It’s just true. Even if, maybe especially if you’re like me and don’t get a lot of paid stays in a year, it’s a great loyalty program. Marriott is one of the only hotel chains to build an actual loyalty program, the rest are being had. Giving vain “gifts” that are unsold upgrades. Marriott is simply the best. I’ll show you how you can maximize your stay with 6 easy steps." #hotels #offers #deals #slickdeals #pub
"No, If you are gifting a free night from promotions like the megabonus and free night from your Marriott Visa card (annual reward). That's my understanding from MR guest Services Office. Yes, I think you can gift a night/nights from accumulated points." "Agreed... you can gift points equal to a free night, but you can not use your Marriott Visa card annual free night for a guest... those certificates for a free night can only be used by myself. Guessing the same applies if you get free nights from the MegaBonus. Thought I'd try using the cert with an expiration date rather than reach into my bucket of points" #hotels #discussions #deals #offers #slickdeals #pub
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_These deals seem to stick around for longer vs being like quick daily stuff like most deals these days_ #$regular_usage #deals #productivity_apps #SaaS #unique_spin #offers #coupons #best_of #dev #pub
"Sign up for Intercom and integrate with Trello for 50% off your first 3 months!" #$AFMA_umbrella #SaaS #offers #pub