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"PredictionBook is a site to record and track your predictions. How sure are you? Rather than just recording what you think will happen, PredictionBook allows you to record just how sure you are that it will happen. You can distinguish between those things you think will probably occur, and those things you're really really sure will occur. If you're properly calibrated, you'll be able to see that about 60% of the things you're 60% sure will happen, do happen, and 90% of the things you're 90% sure will happen, do happen." #predictions #free #web_apps #SaaS #ideas #copycopy #pub
Just to remember when the split of Swarm and Foursquare happened. 2014-05. The article itself is woefully weak. It just says Messenger split from Facebook "was largely criticzed"...yeah...just like every major change Facebook did from 2007 to like 2012 and then the Messenger split in 2014. Except now we know the Messenger split was a great idea and solidifed FB having a fourth huge app/site/product in its arsenal. #foursquare #journalism #predictions #wrong #Facebook #messenger #pub