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Apparently now Tile also comes in things like Bose Sports earphones. Not sure exactly where they are located, but obviously not the physical product with the earphones. -- They also have a $3/mo or $30/yr premium service that gives you sharing, smart alerts, 30 day history, battery replacement, extended (3 year) warranty, and supposedly better cusomer care. Not sure if this is just for their Pro and Mate. The bottom also says 1 battery replacement. -- Pro specs: weight is 15g, medium size, 300 ft range, volume 3x. Mate specs: 7g weight, smaller size, 150 ft range, volume 1.5x. Slim specs: 10g weight, biggest size but really thin, 100 ft range, volume 1x, and battery is 1-yr non-replaceable. Other two are 1-yr replaceable. -- Prices: Pro: 1: $35, 4: $100 (plus free slim and luggage tag) -- Mate: 1: $20, 4: $50. -- Slim: 1: $30. -- Then Mate & Slim 4 pack: $70. Is this 2 of each? #from:DONote #from:Note3 #protection #startups #services #paid #lost_and_found #freemium #SaaS #pub
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