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screendump (iOS 13)
#best_of #jailbreaking #tweaks #free #open_source #VNC #remote_desktop #remote_control #pub
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"Hello everyone, While the Screendump hasn’t been officially updated for iOS 14; I would like to share with you guys a solution. It seems that Xsf1re has posted a solution that involves resigning it with the entitlement that he has with his fork. I just tested this on my iPhone 7 running iOS 14.4 with checkra1n, and it worked; thus, I thought it would be best to share it with you guys. This tutorial came from a tweet he made, along with help from a twitter user; I decided to simplify it and post it here and would like to give credit for both those involved. Requirements: Screendump (iOS 13) (repo: Newterm 2 (repo: Chariz) Filza File Manager (repo: BigBoss) OpenSSH (repo: Bingner or Procursus) Link Identity Editor (repo: Bingner or Procursus) Download Screendump (iOS 13) from the julioverne repo Make sure if Link Identity Editor installed Download the deb file from the screendump fork from Xsf1res GitHub page: Extract the file and look for the en.plist file; sent it to the iPhone via Airdrop, email, etc. On the iPhone, look for the file; click share, and press “Save to Filza”; or when receiving it, it could give you to option to open in Filza Save or move the en.plist file to /var/root Open Newterm 2, type su, enter your password Run this command: ldid -Sen.plist /usr/libexec/screendumpd Profit There you have it, thank you for reading All credit should go to: XsF1re for providing the solution Random twitter user for clarification Julio Verne for Screendump (iOS 13) Sources:" #VNC #iOS_14 #best_of #jailbreaking #remote_desktop #pub
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