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"In order to provide self-moderators the tools needed to overcome their addictions, K9 Web Protection now supports the ability to add sites to a blacklist without the administrator password." #rofl #pub
Snatch Wars. Snatch meets Star Wars in this YouTube classic.

"Uploaded on Dec 9, 2008 Meet Brick Vader, London's Lord of the Sith. A pig obsessed, forever angry, foul mouthed cyborg who calls everyone Errol and dishes out dead body disposal tips to anyone who will listen. The world of Guy Ritchie's Snatch and Star Wars collide on the Eastend of the Death Star. Goody gumdrops! Enjoy it or we'll cut your f**kin' jacobs off." LOL EVERYONE IS HAROLD!

OMFG. SO FUCKING FUNNY. They just takin a piss, init? The fuck's all this about, eh? Now fuck off.

Awww lawd! #lol #best_of #rofl #satire #videos #toread #pub