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Page 1 of 9 - NOOPEPT - posted in Brain Health: TLR sells it as a research chemical, however it can be bought in Russian pharmacies as well. They call it "Pill for your memory". 10 mg x 50 tabs cost only 300 RUB which is about 6 GBP. I am wondering if anyone has ever tried it... QuoteOriginally Posted by Riemann Zeta Noopept (GVS-111) - First Trial - This One's Special This is my first trial of an experimental pre-clinical cognitive enhancing compound known as Noopept (GVS-1... #nootropics #stimulant-esque #Soylent-esque #pub
Noopept #nootropics #stimulant-esque #Soylent-esque #pub
Not close to being ready to buy. Still have to do crowd funding campaign. Their ceiling price is $12/day. So a few bucks more than Soylent will be whenever this is actually released #Soylent-esque #meal_replacements #pub
"I did Soylent for about a year then I switched to Huel a little over a year ago and never looked back. I have a shake for lunch 4 days of the week, regular food for all other meals. Better taste, better nutrients, more filling. It's less convenient because you have to mix it yourself but I just use a blender bottle and that works well. But also less waste because of that. I also add 3-4 packets of Equal and find that it greatly improves the taste of both of them. I tired real sugar and other artificial sweeteners but found Equal is the best." #Soylent-esque #food #pub