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"To use the app, you simply connect your LinkedIn account to the app and it creates a profile page based on your job history and the job skills that you’ve identified as being proficient in." "New iOS app Jobr hopes to make careers by letting you “Swipe, Chat, & Discover Your Dream Job!” Instead of searching for positions online, sending in resumes, and then waiting for someone to call you back (or not), the app brings together job applicants and hiring managers in more of an informal social network-type environment. Essentially it’s Tinder for jobseekers. The app presents you with roles it thinks you might be interested in. You “like” or “pass” each one, while recruiters get to do the same with candidates. If both of your preferences match up, Jobr makes an introduction and you get to start talking within the app. Currently you can chat directly with hiring managers at Lyft, Twitter, The Boston Consulting Group, Yelp, Houzz, Uber, Homejoy and a few other places" #swiping #tinder_esque #alternatives #jobs #employment_sites #social_networks #web_2.0 #iOS #mobile #unique_spin #startups #funded #job_searching #pub
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