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Notes publicly shared by our members. this time. Apparently the rumormill in comments is a few million for this. #domain_names #salesforce #acquisitions #year:2014 #pub
Holy shit, Walking Dead is at 28M viewers including repeats and streaming. Big Bang Theory in 2014, is at 22M viewers including DVR and streaming. That's also like NCIS numbers. This usually means 7 day viewership. -- HBO is available in 29M households in 2014. While average broadcast audience is around 115M users. -- "Thrones viewership has swelled to a record-high of 19 million viewers. That massive number includes all the different ways the show is consumed—original airings, repeats, DVR playback and streaming. It also represents a major gain on the next-day numbers that are usually reported, which tend to be around 7 million." #year:2014 #pub
Jesus, 30K bitcoin in mid 2014. #bitcoin #news #year:2014 #pub
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What a loss for them lol. Probably worth half as much now or soon. They won with Flipkart acqusition, but had to sell off their shares. And now are just left with Snapdeal, not merged. Laying around. #softbank #ecommerce #india #Snapdeal #year:2014 #funding #billion_dollar_deals #unicorns #pub
Season 7 is 2013-2014. Season 7-9, it was $750K for the 2 lower guys and $1M for the 3 core. The two lower guys got to parity with $1M in season 10. They all took paycuts down to $900K (5 of them). The two late comer females made $60K in season 7 and $100K in season 9 or 10. They are trying to get close to $500K/episode for season 11/12. Season 12 is the last season, ending in spring 2019. The core trio were making $350K/episode in season 6. The other two guys got $100K/episode in 2010 negotations, after season 3 aired, but before season 4. The other article for the 2014 (season 8+ negotations) stated for back-end stuff: "I hear Parsons, Galecki and Cuoco also quadrupled their previous ownership on the show, which has gone up from 0.25 to more than a point. I hear Parsons’ pact includes a production deal that spans TV and features and possibly theater, with Galecki and Cuoco also getting producing arrangements." -- What does 1 point mean? Not sure if it literally means they own 1% of everything related to the show. #media #salaries #side_porn #numbers #year:2014 #pub