Effortless Knowledge Base

Nobody has the time or the patience. So we automated it.

Auto Organized

Your browsing history is laid out as a tree using our open source browser extension, so it is easy to visualize the path of your exploration. You don’t need to keep a thousand tabs open.

Adds notes and tags on any website

Instead of throwing another bookmark into the pile never to be seen again, quickly jot down notes and tags on any web page. We organize it and make it searchable.

Explore, Filter, Plan

Have a big decision ahead of you? Where to stay on your vacation... What jobs to apply for... You don’t have to break out the spreadsheet and copy paste links and text. Just browse and take some notes, then shortlist and decide.

Share Instantly

Just add #pub to a note to share publicly it. Share some notes about a project with your team. Sharing couldn’t be easier.

Your Data is Your Data

We will never sell your data to a third-party. You can delete your data. You will be our customer and we promise to treat you the way we’d like to be treated too… with respect.