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Knowledge System
for you and your teams

Histre gives you powerful yet simple tools to capture and manage information. Instantly share with your team, or publish to the world.

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“I love that Histre automatically keeps my second-brain up to date. It's FAST and has excellent search, which makes a big difference.”


Scott Milliken

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“Before Histre, researching on the web was a madhouse of spreadsheets and hundreds of open tabs. Now it is so seamless and pleasant.”


Valerie Mettler

Accelerate Research
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Histre auto-organizes and visualizes your web research. You don't have to keep a thousand tabs open, break out the spreadsheet, and copy paste links and notes. Histre even automatically creates comparison tables for easy decision making.

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Our pricing is simple and affordable

Our basic functionality will always be free, but if you're looking for something more, or you want to use as a team, here are our plans:

$ 0 /mo

per user

Unlimited Bookmarks and Notes

Unlimited Collections

7 days of Web History and Search

Basic Integrations

Personal Use

$ 5 /mo

per user

Everything in Basic

Unlimited Web History and Search

Advanced Integrations

Org / Team Collaboration

Your Data is Your Data

We will never sell your data to a third-party. You can delete your data. We have a strong privacy policy. We promise to treat you the way we’d like to be treated… with respect.

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