You can add your highlights to any website. You can use multiple colors to have several types of highlights. You can share these highlighlights with your team or publish them.

Save and Share Tabs

Save all your open tabs to a notebook and restore them later, even in a different computer and browser. You can share these saved tabs to your team.

Share HackerNews Favorites

Share your upvoted stories with your friends. You can see their upvoted stories too. Histre aims to train on this and recommend posts you'll enjoy.

Content Addressable Bookmarks and Notes

Craigslist ads are often reposted as a different link. With this feature, your bookmarks and notes will be there on the new reposted link too.

RSS Feeds of Your Notebooks

Public notebooks now have RSS feeds. As you add bookmarks and notes to your public notebooks on various topics, your followers can follow along with an RSS reader.