Annotate Websites

Bookmark, tag, highlight important snippets, and write notes on any website. Explore, filter, collaborate, and decide. Create a knowledge graph of your web research.


Collections are curated lists of bookmarks, notes, and highlights. They enable seamless collaboration. Public collections make publishing on the web easy.


Highlight important sections on any website. Use multiple colors to have different types of highlights. Publish these highlights on the web or share them with just your team.

Save and Share Tabs

Save all your open tabs to a collection and restore them later, even in a different computer and browser. You can share these saved tabs to your team.


Personalize histre by upvoting / downvoting any page on the web. Histre will use your preferences to show you similar content.

Share Hacker News Upvotes

Share your upvoted stories with your friends. You can see their upvoted stories too. Histre aims to train on this and recommend posts you'll enjoy.

Use Craigslist Like a Pro

Craigslist ads are often reposted with new links. Histre detects these reposts and copies your bookmarks and notes over to the new link. This prevents frustration and errors.

RSS Feeds of Your Collections

Public collections have RSS feeds. As you add bookmarks and notes to your public collections on various topics, your followers can follow along with an RSS reader.

Take Notes on Telegram

Want to jot down an idea or something you need to remember? Want to save a link you're reading? You don't need to install another app. Just use Telegram.


Create or integrate your apps with Histre with the Histre API. Built for developers by developers. Have full control over your knowledge graph.