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Don't miss the Hacker News posts that your friends love. Share the ones you liked as well. Once you connect Hacker News to Histre, all you need to do to share posts that you like is to just upvote as usual.

How can I share my upvotes?

Go to Histre > Integrations. Connect your Hacker News account. Once we've downloaded your upvotes, they will show up automatically in a separate collection in your account.

You can just make this collection public. Then anyone can "follow" the collection, and they'll see your upvotes when they go to Hacker News.

If you don't want to do that, you can share it privately with your teams, just like any other collection. The people you shared with will see your upvotes when they visit Hacker News.

How can I see my friends' upvotes when I visit Hacker News?

Open the Histre browser extension popup setings. Turn on "Enhance Websites" so that Histre can modify the Hacker News website. Then when you visit Hacker News, you'll see the upvotes of everyone you're following.

histre extension popup settings with focus on enhance websites

Coming Soon

We're building a recommendation engine that will suggest stories to you based on your upvotes!