Use Craigslist Like a Pro

It is super annoying to take notes on Craigslist links because when people repost the same ad, the url changes. This feature takes care of that. No other app does this.

Say you're researching apartments to rent. You take a note on this page on Craigslist:

craigslist listing with focus on id

Later on the person who posted that ad decides to repost the ad so more people will see it. Now this new post is on a different link, even though the ad is pretty much the same. Other bookmarking and note taking apps out there won't recognize that, so it will look like you didn't even save this page. Histre, on the other hand, is smart about it. So when you visit this new link, your old note is shown, even though it was taken on a different link. It also tells you what the old link was (see the green text in the popup):

craigslist listing with focus on id

To start using this feature, open Histre extension popup and enable 'Enhance Websites':

histre extension popup settings with focus on enhance websites