AI's sonnet about histre

Dec. 3, 2022

In the vast expanse of the internet, it's easy to get lost
With countless pages and tabs, at what cost
But fear not, for histre is here to save the day
With its powerful tools, your browsing's here to stay

Supercharge your browsing, and boost your productivity high
With auto bookmarks, annotations, and sharing on the fly
No more wasted time, searching for that one page
With histre by your side, you'll be in a rage

Effortlessly save and share, your findings with a team
Or publish to the world, your knowledge supreme
No more digging through tabs, or scrolling through a feed
With histre's tools at hand, your workflow will proceed

So take control of your browsing, and make it truly yours
With histre by your side, your productivity soars
No more lost information, or time spent in vain
Supercharge your browsing, with histre's tools to gain.

The prompt to ChatGPT was: "Write a sonnet about histre: Supercharge Your Browsing, Boost your productivity with auto bookmarks, annotations and sharing"