Customize Web History Logging

Jan. 1, 2020

One of the things histre can do for you is save your web browsing history so that you don't feel like you need to keep all those tabs open. Here is how you can enable that feature in just some of your browsers intead of all of them. Or you can even turn this feature off completely. For example, you may want your work computer to log your research for easy reference, but not the browser you use just for Facebook and Instagram.

Where can I customize?

Click on the histre extension icon and then click on the settings icon:


How to turn off logging for my whole account?

Click the "All Browsers" switch to turn it off. It will turn gray. When this switch is off, it doesn't matter if the "This Browser" switch is on or off, web history logging will not happen.

How to turn off logging in just some of my browsers?

Leave the "All Browsers" switch on. Turn the "This Browser" switch off in the browsers where you don't want web history logging.

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