Export Chrome Bookmarks

July 27, 2021

Why do you want to export your Chrome Bookmarks?

Before we get into how you can export your bookmarks from Chrome, let's take a moment to consider why you'd want to do that. The most common reasons people cite for wanting to export their Chrome bookmarks are:

  • They are moving to a new computer
  • They are changing their browser (say, to Firefox)
  • They want to back up their bookmarks so they don't lose them

Better Solution

If you use Histre, you'll be in full control of your bookmarks. They will not be tied to any particular computer, or browser. You can log in to Histre from any computer or any browser and have access to them. This is the permanent solution to your bookmarking needs.

Better Format

By default Chrome exports your bookmarks as an html file. This is clumsy to deal with. Once you start using Histre, you can export your bookmarks even as a markdown file. That's a lot more convenient.

Export into Histre

Since exporting your Chrome bookmarks into Histre gives you so many advantages, we suggest that you sign up for Histre and give it a try.

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