Why You Should Use histre

Jan. 1, 2020

Put Web History to Work

Your browsing history can make you immensely more productive if you use the right tool. With histre, you can search, filter, categorize, take notes, make lists, share, and do much more. It automatically organizes everything for you and you don't even have to remember to bookmark anything.

Research with Pleasure

Whether you're researching leads for your sales team, considering vacation rental options for your trip, or shortlisting candidates for a job, it is annoying to have to dutifully log everything in a spreadsheet you threw together. Context switches break the flow and cost you your productivity. With histre, you can focus on just the research, take notes without losing context, and have eveything neatly organized for you.

Easy Knowledge Management

Almost all the knowledge management solutions available, including internal corporate wikis, rely on someone stopping what they are doing, and going out of their way to create and maintain documents for whoever comes after them. In reality this rarely happens, and most of the knowledge is lost, because no one has the time to meticulously document everything. histre automatically logs things for you to preserve and share with your team with ease.

Privacy Focused

We won't sell your data to a third-party. You will be our customer, not our product. We offer a free trial so that you can easily find out how histre can help you. We make money by charging our customers for the product that they find useful. It is a simple, time-tested business model. Your data is your data. You can download it all anytime.

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