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1) This page https://prnt.sc/5wf7rOfhC5Ig seems to be too long, a user has to scroll a lot. I would suggest shortening it in half and add one more page to the pagination https://prnt.sc/lfCqNRLspkHI

2) On this page https://prnt.sc/lu7QbiuiVb_v the block is located on the left, it would be more user-friendly to center it.

3) https://prnt.sc/JsjXsnnbzAlG If I understand correctly, on this page there's a possibility to switch between post types. It would be more user-friendly to center all the content in the center, and display buttons in the form of tabs on the top.

4) It would be more user-friendly to move all the menus located in the footer to the header https://prnt.sc/PwGrxPeTNUaM

5) Also, not all pages of the site have a footer. It would be more user-friendly to add a footer to the Pricing page and Member Posts. The user should be able to switch between pages. ATM on these pages, a user can only view the information, then they have to return to the previous page, and only then they are able to go to another page.

6) https://prnt.sc/ZPBCB5ii5TQi It would be better to make the names of the plan options a little bit larger.

7) https://prnt.sc/I1P3EEo6jFGE It would be more user-friendly to center browsers and text on this page.

8).  https://prnt.sc/x6r6STlwaI7H The reviews block can be separated and named.

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iPhone safari

  • It’s not possible to use the menu. https://prnt.sc/5meVERgh2fTC
  • The only things that is possible to do on the site are to change the plan and view the Recent Notes (relates to registered users).