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Building stuff

Trying to ask the right questions about policy and technology in public safety. Wannabe farmer, news addict, stats enthusiast.

Investor in education & employment pathways @univenturesfund, recovering consultant @mckinsey, unrepentant coffee addict

engineer by day, nutella enthusiast by night. Google (BigQuery, now Kaggle), previously: Etsy, Flatiron Health, Milq, Xtreme Labs, Waterloo Eng.

accelerating authentic crypto | eth address : divraj.eth | @pivtunes

CS, AI, philosophy, and other fun things @ MIT

I love writing short descriptions of myself for large groups of people.

@Twitter engineer / Dope & humble. Recovering Reese’s addict.

Hungry, curious, optimist, immigrant. Founder @Profillic. TED Resident. Previously Eng/ML/Product @Yelp @Google @Klout @LinkedIn @SlideShare. Built @ThisYaThat.

I and this mystery here we stand.

Product Operations Manager @scale

Exploring. Past: product at @Stripe, built @RethinkDB, computational neuroscience PhD dropout. Dilettante economist, anthropologist, and rationalist.

Rants about design, technology, and fine whiskey. Co-founder @ Covey. Previously Director of Engineering @ Zendesk.

Non-native Californian working in open source and cryptocurrencies, doing much React. In a complicated relationship w AWS. Into running, reading and meditation.

Former @google, looking toward #transactions in developing countries. All opinions are solely mine.

They/Them | Designing digital products for developers. | Community Design @DigitalOcean

ui/ux, machine learning @CrowdioAS | startup guy | crypto enthusiast