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Would changing an article page with many H1s to a singleton H1 and converting the remainder to tags improve clicks to the pages? Read the short case study to find out. #seo split test result: wi
Video is an incredibly powerful medium that makes it easier than ever to evoke emotion and forge human connections at scale. #vidyard’s ultimate video
Social media for small businesses can be crucial to growth and success. Make an impact on your small business with this guide to social media. #a 6-step guide to social
After shutting down more than 800 restaurants in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s Corp (NYSE:MCD) has decided to leave the country by selling all its restaurants. The fast-food monster, however, is committed to making sure employees can work for the potential buyer. #mcdonald’s to offer job o
Technology encompasses a vast body of knowledge and tools that facilitate the efficient and innovative use of economic resources in producing goods and services. Therefore, technological advancement is critical to economic growth and development. #how can technology play a
Managing PPC accounts is a lot like playing a game: Once you understand the rules, you can start getting into creative strategy. Account audits are an important part of understanding the rules—essentially it’s getting the board ready to play. #5 essential questions to
In a world where corporate giants are constantly taking over, small businesses are a breath of fresh air. Small businesses add personality and charm to a community and give it character and vitality. #6 benefits of small busin
The programmatic advertising industry has experienced a meteoric rise and swift adoption in 2022, becoming the most prominent digital advertising ad display method. At the end of 2021, programmatic ads expenditure reached over $150 billion, constituting about 71% of the entire digital ad spending. #what programmatic adverti
You started your company with a bankable idea, a tiny space, and an even smaller group of employees. Like many entrepreneurial beginnings, maybe it was just you and one other person in a home office or garage. #how to tell whether it’s
Using scheduling software improves time management. But not everyone is making use of this new technology. When you don’t utilize your time management software — i’s similar to having a new Ferrari, but driving it barely five miles under the speed limit. #why you should use schedu
Investment decisions have always evolved (over the years) due to advancing technologies. However, non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind blockchain-linked digital assets that have revolutionized investment decisions since early 2021, leaving Gary Vaynerchuck to compare them with beanie babies. #the beginner’s guide to w
Creating social media content doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Be more strategic with your social media content with these 11 tips! #11 ways to create engagin
Optimizing your Google ads involves lots of things: ad copy, targeting, scheduling, and more. But what a lot of beginner advertisers don’t realize is that their ability to do all of that—and to do it efficiently—is impacted by how their account is structured in the first place. #the 2022 guide to google
The Brandless Pro-Blender site says that it is “Wellness With Reach” — but I feel it should say something like, “The Pro-Blender gives you the power to heal yourself with better living and food choices. #wellness is within your r
By now, just about all of us have horror stories related to clunky internet bandwidth and connections. We’ve frozen up during important Zoom calls. Many have lost their connection to cloud-based centralized systems while trying to help clients. #wifi 6e: why csps need to
Recent digital transformations have remade the B2C experience, and while B2B has been catching up, it still has room for improvement. #6 reasons to embrace empo
With so much security at stake these days it has been a privilege to have these Lorex products installed at home. Safety is a big word in the world today — but “ease of installation” is my personal mantra. #lorex – a whole family of
Benefits as Have you considered the advantages of eSignature in human resources, business leasing, human resources, etc.? From these sectors, the adoption of electronic agreements is now entering the finance realm. #benefits of esignature te
Imagine you’re a new employee at a time when many people are starting their careers remotely. Where is the remote work playbook? Are employees ready for remote work routines? How do they feel about their remote working routines? #did we forget to give tea
The repeatable strategy one agency used to go from not even showing up in the conversation to 45.6% of their most-important keywords—in just three months. And the new “Surround Sound” tool that makes it possible. #omniscient digital increa
Looking to know what were the most trending topics this year? We compiled lists of the top 100 trending and popular themes in the US and across multiple industries. Data was taken from our database of 500,000+ topics with a search volume of >1,000. #top trending topics: what
While content marketers may recognize terms related to content measurement, it’s easy to confuse their distinctions. Read on for explanations of 23 common measurement terms and how they fit into your content’s performance strategy. Continue reading → #23 measurement definition
An influencer marketing strategy isn’t easy. You have to find relevant and credible influencers and measure the influencers’ impact. And you must keep it going day after day. Here are 13-plus expert-recommended tools to help you do that. Continue reading → #influencer marketing expe
On its face, the term metaverse implies a single place. This might seem to mean that the metaverse has to be experienced by everyone in the same way. Yet the reality is that users can and should experience the metaverse in different ways. #the extended reality spec
As droves of workers settle into the new normal of hybrid work — partly remote, partly in-person — more companies are looking for solutions to keep employees’ snack cravings at bay, whether at home or in the office. Why do office snacks matter? #how to keep employees sna