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Here it does mention Oberlo. --- "Q: Does an AliExpress order need to have shipped/have a tracking number in Shopify in order for costs to show up in Order Metrics? A: If you use Dropified app then a tracking number is not required to sync costs and costs will show up for each order if you enable the setting called "Save AliExpress Order ID as a standard Order Note". If you use Oberlo or a different service, a tracking number must be reported back to Shopify (this typically happens automatically when an order is shipped). In this case, we highly reccomend you enter product costs under Data Warehouse -> COGS Data as we will fall back on these numbers if an order is not yet shipped. " #oberlo #dashboards #shopify #FB_ads #$project_2018_ecommerce #freemium #paid #middle_priced #faqs #pub