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"Create new websites by modifying existing ones." "TOMODO is a platform that allows you to pick any website and make changes to it. The modified website is available under a new URL for anyone to use. Our technology acts as a real time proxy between the browser and the original website. Everything happens on the fly – no scraping and no data saved on our servers." "Well, Greasemonkey is awesome, but in order to use it you have to install the browser plugin, and then install the scripts. Plus it doesn’t support platforms like iPad or android, and doesn’t work with different browsers. TOMODO is like Greasemonkey on steroids – seamless and without installing anything. Sure! We even support the Greasemonkey API; just copy & paste your script to the TOMODO editor." "Can I attach a domain of my choice to the modified site? Sure." #interesting #unique #linkbait #ideas #Javascript #startups #pub