_My boi!_

On Sept. 11, 2007, two rap heavyweights went head to head in a sales battle and changed hip-hop forever.

"So needless to say when that exchange was interrupted by my cell—with Kanye West and Plain Pat on the other end, asking where the party was at—things started to look up for the kid. To be clear, this was not a normal happening. I’d known Kanye about five years and written about him a half dozen times at that point—some of which he liked, and some of which he didn’t. We’d just collaborated on his third COMPLEX cover, an issue he’d guest-edited, but we’d never, like, hung out. In fact, at that point, we had barely ever talked on the phone, but I think I’d called him to congratulate him earlier in the day. Maybe he just hit me ’cause my number was in his “recent calls.” Who knows. Either way I was surprised."


" Like, they both dropped albums in 2005 without drawing a single comparison. In fact, I remember arguing with Kanye, who I was profiling for a VIBE cover story, during a session for “Heard ’Em Say,” at Grandmaster Recorders, L.A., about The Massacre. VIBE had given it a three and I was defending the lukewarm review. Kanye was adamant that, “Any album with ‘In My Hood’ is a four!!!!”"

_Interesting, the change. I mean it makes sense. I don't know why people get shat on so much for what they said before. Time and life changes_ #kanye #introspection #$top_reads #interesting #interviews #music #toread #pub