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_Relating to FileVault and such on SSD and HDD setup on Macbook_ "Description Unlock allows the system to unlock and mount Core Storage encrypted volumes during boot. In other words, this allows you to log in as a user whose home directory is on an encrypted secondary disk without any problems. Why? Like a many power users, I have two disks in my Macbook Pro. My startup volume is on a SSD and all of my home folder is on a second disk drive. Mac OS X Lion's FileVault 2 supports unlocking and mounting the startup volume, but doesn't support unlocking any other volume until a user has logged in. After encrypting my home drive and restarting, I was locked out of my user account and had to log in to and out of another user just to log in in as myself. This program solves that problem by unlocking Core Storage volumes (e.g., my home disk) without the need for another user account. Simply put, it allows me to log in like normal." #macbook #power_users #encryption #hard_drives #pub