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20+ reviews on Metacritic for season 5 of Breaking Bad. This is the only non-100% review. Still positive, but just barely, at 67/100. Interesting to see this side. "The list of felonies that came after is too long to catalog here, but it’s easy to imagine how the aspiring crime lord would fare against New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano: Walt would take out the Mafioso and his cronies with cunning ruthlessness before they even realized they were under attack." "Take tonight’s premiere, “Live Free or Die,” by series creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan, in which Walt comes up against a seemingly insurmountable problem. Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) may be dead, but he left a laptop filled with incriminating video that now resides securely in the evidence room at the local police station. After some demented inspiration from Jesse (Aaron Paul), Walt launches a caper so audacious, it’s almost comical." Last two paragraphs in particular for why this wasn't given a higher score. I'm not sure about giving it a 67, but I can agree that a 100 wouldn't make sense unless you start giving every pretty good show a 100 :P #tv #reviews #critics #my_thoughts #pub