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"Manico is a tool designed to launch and switch apps quickly. By using it, launching and switching apps on macOS will be incredibly smooth. By default, Manico supports Option + number keys to launch or switch to the corresponding app, so users no longer need to use Command+Tab to traverse to the desired app one by one or find on the Dock, which brings efficiency and experience improvement. In the process of long-term use, users will also develop muscle memory, and thus become more and more efficient in the use of macOS. Manico supports three modes to facilitate users' needs in various scenarios. Dock mode: mapping the apps on macOS's Dock for launching and switching. Switcher mode: mapping the currently opened apps to switch. Custom mode: fully customize the apps you want to launch and switch, including customizing different shortcut keys. In addition to the three basic modes, Manico supports a rich set of preference features, including: Customized appearance The launch bar position Whether to show the status bar icon or not "Silent Mode" to be invisible and non-intrusive on certain apps Manico also comes with a "Usage" feature, which allows users to see how many times they call the app each day with a graph to get a clear picture of their usage." #mac_apps #power_users #keyboard_centric #best_of #paid #utilities #trial