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"Make the most of your time is a focus tracker for programmers, writers and neurodivergent brains Say goodbye to pomodoro and hello to flow Pomodoro method is like playing a video game with a distracting side quest every 25 minutes. It can be challenging to stay in the flow when you're constantly getting pulled away. Especially if you've ADHD Get started Elevate by tackling increasingly longer sessions, level by level Challenge yourself to tackle longer and more complex sessions, one level at a time L0 (30 mins) Conduct a short research session on a specific topic Review code written by other team members and provide detailed feedback L1 (1 hour) Debug a complex piece of code to identify and fix issues Conduct a comprehensive code review to ensure quality and optimize performance L2 (2 hours) Conduct a detailed analysis of performance issues in a codebase Conduct a deep dive into a specific programming language, library, or framework L3 (4 hours) Work on a significant research project related to a new technology Conduct an in-depth analysis of a complex software system to identify issues and propose solutions" #deep_work #free #best_of_potentially #dev #SaaS #neurodivergent