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Liked on YouTube. | Title: hey vaush do u agree w/ hasan that atheists r the least oppressed minority & should stop complaining. | Description: If you enjoy the content, wanna help me dedicate more time and effort to edits, and have some extra money lying around, consider becoming a member or subscribing at my Patreon link below 💛 THERMIA LINKS 🔥Patreon! 🔥Twitter! 🔥Twitch! 🔥Soundcloud! VAUSH LINKS ⇢Full Video! ⇢Subscribe to Vaush! ⇢Vaush's Website! ⇢Vaush's Twitter! ⇢Vaush's Patreon! ⇢Vaush's Instagram! ⇢Vaush's Tiktok! SCHEDULE Every Day @2pm Central Standard Time ABOUT VAUSH Vaush is a based American leftist youtuber and streamer. More specifically, Vaush is a Libertarian Socialist who advocates for Market Socialism. He is against authoritarian forms of leftism and opposes people who praise communist dictators like Stalin and Mao, calling them Tankies. Vaush believes that all unjust hierarchy should be abolished, and his final goal is a libertarian socialist society where workers own their means of production. He's also an advocate for LGBTQ+ and minority rights. Throughout his career, Vaush has debated numerous figures all across the political spectrum from the right, far right, and far left. MISSION STATEMENT Present Vaush's content in bite-sized, digestible chunks in order to appeal to potential fans that just don't have the patience to sit through a live stream. After watching these videos, they will hopefully become "hooked" on Vaush and begin watching his long-format, unedited content. It also serves as a chill place for the fandom/comrade collective to hang out. #vaush #shorts #atheism Extra tags... just ignore them: vaushv, vaush, vaush clip, vaush highlight, thermia, vaush best moments, vaush edit, best of vaush, vaush vs, vaush highlights, vaush clips, hey you reading this, i love you, vaush thermia, thermia vaush, vaush meme, vaush memes, vaush pit, vaush highlight channel, vaush clip chimp, vaush edits, vaushite, vaushism, vaush atheism, atheism ⚇. | Published at: December 5, 2022 at 11:00AM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed