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Liked on YouTube. | Title: The Disdain Men Have For Happy Women | Hasanabi Reacts. | Description: Hasan reacts to a rage bait tweet by Laney regarding the misinterpretation (deliberate or otherwise) of a random Tiktok as well as educating his chat not to believe in everything they see on the Internet. If you like the uploads, leave a Comment, Like, and Subscribe. It means a lot. Thanks. Watch Live: Main Channel: This channel is not affiliated with Hasanabi All edits are made by me Please contact me for any copyright infringement and any other problems at [email protected] #tiktok #hasanabi #react #twitch #twitchreacts #twitter. | Published at: June 13, 2023 at 02:32PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed