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“Why did Jan Koum and Brian Acton sell Whatsapp? They should have tried to monetize it with their $1 a year (or whatever) fee and see how many paid. The truth is that they became big in geographies like India (population 1.3 billion) because they didn't actually enforce the fee for most users, and because Whatsapp worked very well with low data usage across all platforms including Symbian and offered free messaging at a time when Indians were used to having to pay per SMS. It's convenient for the founders to grandstand now that Whatsapp is someone else's responsibility, but it was their responsibility once, and they never converted it into a profitable company, and when they got a offer too big to refuse, sold.” — GOAT. Especially the last paragraph. Though it may have been profitable for a bit before it really exploded #truth #facts #retorts #toread #pub